Cloud Based Application Development Cloud Based Application Development

Cloud is a powerful combination of cloud computing, networking, storage, management solutions and business applications that facilitate IT and consumer service.

Cloud Solutions has suddenly jumped to the top of mind of most organizations and this interest is driven by a desire to significantly improve business and IT agility and lower the costs.

Cloud computing, being internet based development and use of computer technology, is a paradigm shift in development and deployment of IT services. With cloud computing, details of IT infrastructure, management and control are abstracted from the user. Microsoft has entered the cloud computing space in a big way with its Azure Services Platform offering.

Azure Services Platform is an application platform in the cloud that allows applications to be hosted and run at Microsoft datacenters. It provides a cloud operating system called Windows Azure that serves as a runtime for the applications and provides a set of services that allows development, management and hosting of applications off-premises. All Azure Services and applications built using them run on top of Windows Azure.

With a dedicated team of experienced Azure development professionals, we help software product companies gain the Azure Services development advantage. We as your partner for Azure Services based software development you have the liberty to define the relationship model that best serves your unique business requirements.

Our offerings on Azure Services development

  • Migration of existing enterprise solutions to the Azure services platform.
  • New enterprise class product/solution development and testing on Microsoft's Azure platform.
  • Development of Azure solutions interfacing with existing cloud based or web based solutions.
  • Development of interfaces for web based or cloud based applications to integrate with SQL Azure, the cloud based relational database service based upon SQL server technologies.