Rich Internet Application Rich Internet Application Development

We utilize RIAs to broaden your organization’s application horizon and offer a relatively new platform for convenient and user-friendly content sharing through seamless transformation and efficient application management without changing your legacy systems or changing your backend structure.

Our passion for RIA development shows with the best analytics, designs, and development & delivery practices encapsulated within the process. Engage our rich pool of talented RIA developers to help you visualize elegant, customized, vibrant and cost-effective RIAs. Our vast experience in varied verticals empowers us to offer you excellent RIA services with high levels of performance and reliability using the state-of-the-art Microsoft Silverlight and AJAX technologies.

We provide cutting-edge RIA development solutions that deliver best results, consisting of:

  • HTML5 & CSS3 development.
  • RIA development with Silverlight.
  • Legacy applications re-architecture.
  • Integration of existing applications with Silverlight.
  • Development of unique applications by combining JavaScript with Silverlight.
  • Integrating audio and video using Windows media streaming.
  • Development of websites with audio-visual elements and animations.
  • Windows mobile application development.